Pre-audit services

We’ll work with the Facilities, Maintenance and Safety Departments to run Pre-Audit Inspections to recognize deficiencies and make adjustments where needed before audits take place. Keeping your facility compliant and operational.

Conduct site visit(s) to visually scope the current conditions
Recognize deficiencies
Create overall list of findings
Create programs to correct deficiencies
Provide support to implement program
Programs and process will be guaranteed to pass any inspection

We also provide Store Room Support and Inventory Control. We will perform full inventories and/or create cycle count processes for compliance.

Provide clean up and reorganization
Cost savings by reducing inventory by part standardization
Overall Count Sheets are printed
Perform inventory counts, signing and dating each count sheet for compliance
All Inventory counts are entered into your system
Review list of differences and recheck counts for accuracy
All inventory results are reviewed and approved and submitted to the plant controller